Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

At Slightly Mad, marketing automation is the confluence of technology, advertising & marketing.  We have actually figured out a way to get all three to play nice in the sandbox and free them to be conduits for communication and growth.  For us marketing automation is about a synchronized advertising and marketing program that delivers the right message to the right audience, across the right medium, at the right time - with actionable, measurable metrics to bring it all together. Our proven approach to your marketing allows us to deliver these messages to the right people, TRACK them (even before you know their name) and nurture them. Not only do we tell you where they’ve been and what they have been seeing about you - but we canconnect the dots and build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests.

Drive more leads. 
Convert them to sales. 

Google the term "marketing automation" and you will see tons of software providers promising that if you automate your marketing using one of their software solutions - you will drive more traffic to your website and (in theory) drive sales.  What they don't tell you is that there is still an art to delivering the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT audience in the RIGHT way - whether you are using automation, or good old snail mail.  In order to convert that traffic to leads, you're going to need a little more than software.