Law Practices

"The process of finding, attracting and retaining clients is more challenging than ever."

Are you in charge of the forward facing image of your law practice or firm? Perhaps you’re a solo practice and you want to make sure that you present yourself as buttoned up as possible.

Or maybe you are the Managing Partner of a larger law firm and you know that you are not filling the pipeline like you should be.

If you're like many of our clients, you've noticed that there are one or two of your competitors who are much more savvy when it comes to marketing.

It's not so much that they're particularly GOOD at marketing, but they do understand how important branding and marketing is to the overall health of their practice. And because they understand, they weild their brand hammer much the same way that Thor weilds his – with strength and accuracy.

The process of finding, attracting and retaining clients is more challenging than ever, and the adage "Law is a profession, but a law practice is a business." is more relevant than ever before.

Today's legal profession follows the same principles...

Today's legal profession follows the same principles as any other business, and a key element of any business plan is marketing. If marketing is not your strong suit, if you don't have the time or the knack for it - that's OK, simply bring us in as your special counsel.

Not only do we deliver proven strategies and actionable tactics to help you find and communicate with prospective clients (regardless of your practice area), we can show you how you can leverage existing and past clients and find new referral sources.

We help you to use branding and marketing as the important business tool that it is - in the context of your practice.

And we help you to recognize that while many professionals (like yourself) are strong on the delivery of legal services, it’s OK not to be so strong on marketing. But it’s not so OK if you don’t bring in someone who is to assist.

And just like we know that we need to go to a professional for legal advice, you will see how important it is to come to professionals for your branding and marketing.

"Think of us as Special Counsel."

How Does it Work?

Our consultative, educational, and informative approach makes the sometimes distasteful business of advertising a lot more appealing. We start by pulling aside the curtain to reveal the basic concepts of branding and advertising that apply to your practice and help you implement them.

Branding, Collateral & Website Design

From a new logo to brochures, websites, ads in local and trade pubs, journal ads, social media and e-marketing – Slightly Mad will help you ensure that your brand is loud and proud, and everywhere it needs to be.

Marketing Portal

Larger groups enjoy our practice marketing portal. Pre-designed credentials, condition, and practice line marketing materials with your logo and content are just a click away! Our program management options allow you to set how want your team to pay for their share.

Social Media Marketing

Whether its posting the latest practice news, commenting on trends or educating your clients on what to expect - our content development and social media engagement management will keep your practice top of mind so that when the need for legal representation arises – you are the first name that they think of!

Search Engine Optimization

It's not easy to get your practice to come up on the first page of Google. Even if you have a profile on AVVO, you must be constantly vigilant – monitoring trends and adjusting as needed. Slightly Mad offers a low monthly rate for SEO services.

Online Reputation Management

People talk! And potential partners and clients listen. We help you manage the chatter with our deep understanding of privacy and customer service best practices.

Google Adwords, Yahoo, YouTube, LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing

Slightly Mad is your "go-to" resource for all things Pay Per Click! From setting up campaigns to managing budgets all through an easy to view dashboard.

Newsletter Marketing

What if people looked forward to hearing from you? It’s not as hard as you might think. Providing useful content in newsletter format is a great way to communicate with customers and prospects without overtly selling. Instead of pitching, you’re making your company useful and relevant.

Marketing Automation / CRM / Lead Generation

And like any other business, growth requires keen management of a "lead" (potential client) at every touchpoint from that first contact with an "unknown" lead - to the followup communications necessary to bring them along to the moment when you can call them a client of yours - and beyond.

At Slightly Mad we understand the attorney mindset. We help you generate qualified leads by building trust through strategy and content. BUT, we also understand that it's not just about writing blogs and posting on social media (which we totally do for you!), it's so much more.

Why not give us a try with our Brand Strategy Workshop?

Working with attorneys, both large and small, for more than 30 years, we've learned a lot, and we know that for manufacturers, its all about creating a Brand Strategy and driving it through everything you do.