Corporate Restructuring And Board Governance

We have extensive experience and have seen great success providing guidance to non profits such as GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) and The Boston Classical Orchestra (to name just a few) as well as "for" profit organizations. Our engagements often include conducting intensive board alignment (psychotherapy and counseling), strategic and brand planning and restructuring when necessary to meet the organization's goals.

Often as organizations grow and people come and go from the board the understanding and 'buy in' of their original mission can become fragmented.

Over the years we've found that board members often lose sight of the passion that they felt when they first took their board positions. Further, over time often the mission of the organization evolves to a significantly different place - leaving leadership at a loss trying to reconcile their objectives with an out of date reason d'etre. Individual board members as well as organizations as a whole benefit greatly from our soul searching and informative sessions and workshops which help to bring clarity and alignment and to re-invigorate the passion that is crucial to a successful non profit endeavor.

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