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Our engagements with clients often take interesting turns. During one such engagement recently, we were asked to provide a cultural and professional kick start to a company that was having a bit of trouble with their rapid growth and resulting staff morale issues. These issues were affecting their day to day business and were becoming evidenced in their customer service activities.

Our client was looking to us to evaluate the situation and make recommendations for resolution to the problem. We provided one-on-one interviews with key stake holders, as well as the staff and clients, to get a really good sense of the extent of the problem and what we could do to resolve it. We decided that the best approach would be both an internal training program and also external leadership and client service training.

After exploring many options we decided to go to Disney World.

Seriously, we really did go to Disney World, and we did ride Space Mountain and the Rockin Roller Coaster. We also got some amazing training from the Disney Institute - the professional development arm of The Walt Disney Company. They have built a unique training program based on the global success of Disney. They shared their time-tested best practices, sound methodologies, and real life business lessons learned through years of running the happiest place on earth. We stepped into their “living laboratory” and learned first hand how Walt Disney and his brother Roy re-wrote the rules of customer service. Using Disney as the catalyst we were able to show our client how business theory can drive operational excellence.

We trained and completed course work alongside the leadership team, and then brought that valuable experience back to share with their more than 180 person staff. We focused on the areas of leadership, customer service, satisfaction and retention. We played the integral role of liasing between Disney and the client to design custom course curricullum that best met our client's specific needs. Using the Disney training and experiences we went on to develop and facilitate company wide training, recruitment, and adoption programs.

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