Mergers, Aquisitions & Conversions

We have extensive experience developing acquisition strategies and overseeing the integration of multiple entities into a holding company / parent environment. At Bates Paul oversaw the aquisition of dozens of companies into the parent holding company. He developed both overarching holding company positionings and the integration and adaptation of the acquired companies as well as managing the evolving process of developing the new integrated organizational structures.

Throughout his career, Paul has been instrumental in helping companies in the throws of a merger develop their acquisition strategies and developed systems to facilitate seamless integration.

Further we have extensive expertise in the marketing communications implementation once a new brand has been acquired and needs to be integrated into the parent environment. As president of Sidewalk Designs Dawn designed and executed conversion projects for national and international brands such as Banco Popular, North Fork Bank, and Fedex – Kinkos.

At Slightly Mad we understand that it's essential to really understand the overarching corporate mission and how each aquired company brings its own personality, value and products and services. The hope at the end of the day is that the whole is made greater by the sum of its parts. It requires not only a firm understanding of valuation but also issues such as executive buy-outs, the branding implications of merged and aquired entities and thier relationship to the parent, economies of scale and of course politics.

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