a very different kind of marketing partner.

Today, it’s harder and harder to be a successful marketer. Effectively reaching a target audience has become increasingly difficult given the explosion of ad messaging, fragmentation of media outlets, and the ever-expanding universe of emerging media. To make matters worse, customers are more skeptical than ever about being marketed to, and today’s economy certainly doesn’t help. We believe today’s marketing realities call for a dramatically different approach and agency model - one that embraces and leverages your company and brand’s natural strengths to help it reach its full potential. We believe it’s time to get back to the basics of business and brand building - and it’s time to really use technology instead of chasing it.

In our groundbreaking new agency model, gone are the days of the standard agency markup, traditional media commission structure, and the one-size-fits-all strategic and creative approach. Gone are the cubicles, the bureaucracy of limiting job descriptions, and reluctance to "pitch in," and gone (for good) are the A, B, and C agency teams. At Slightly Mad, we are all part of a sharply-focused strategic and creative solution.

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business oriented not just marketing focused

At Slightly Mad we take an extremely disciplined business approach to marketing – one that is firmly tied to your core business objectives. Many of our clients have described us as a management consultancy meets an advertising agency because of our business oriented approach to marketing. We look at your marketing needs from a broader perspective…in the context of your total business reality and help you analyze and prioritize your business goals and develop marketing campaigns that are firmly tied to them.

all about our clients - great listeners and problem solvers

When we meet with you it will be a very different kind of intake session. We won’t grandstand and we won’t talk endlessly about ourselves - what we will do is LISTEN very carefully and address YOUR unique marketing challenges. Every client is different and each requires an individualized solution and we cater our relationship with you to meet your needs.
Simply put, we know our role is to meet YOUR needs and not some imposed generic agency process.

highly strategic, media neutral not commission focused

In order to develop the most effective way to speak to your various audiences, we must be fully and truly media neutral. We have a unique, multi-disciplined skillset and extensive production capabilities across all facets of marketing communications including brand development, broadcast, print, interactive, mobile, social, out-of-home and emerging media. The media we choose for you is based on your needs, because that’s not how we are compensated.
We believe the best client/agency relationships are always structured where both parties are incentivized to act in the best interest of the brand.

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