As Your Trusted Advisor

As a CEO, President, Owner, CMO, board member or leadership team let's face it, you can't be great at everything. Often times there may be gaps in your marketing knowledge and you know something is missing but you don't really know what it is or how to fix it. In these cases we work with you on an hourly basis as a consultant, providing you with strategic insights and a fresh, objective perspective without the commitment of a full agency engagement and certainly without the cost of a high priced management consultant. We become your trusted advisor, mentor and guide - some call us their "branding sherpa". Our fees are reasonable and the benefits are invaluable.

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In addition to our hourly consulting (consigliore services) Check out our Brand Strategy workshop. Tailored to you and your company - this workshop is can be one on one or a group activity (with you and your trusted inner sanctum) - where we can get down to brass tacks and explore the soul of your brand, what's holding it back and how you can bust out of those same old - same old patterns.