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We know this, Law Firms with strong brands have higher margins - that is a fact.

“Let's just start with the premise that branding is not optional. Every law firm, practice group and individual lawyer has a brand. The question is whether the market dictates it or you control it yourself.”

- ABA Law Practice Magazine - Dec 2013 THE MARKETING ISSUE

For the larger firm or the solo practitioner, brand strategy is critical in driving awareness of you and your services which translates into driving up your the bottom line. Clients are willing to pay a premium when there is a perceived value, and you get that by having a strong brand identity that they can relate to.

If you think your brand could use a makeover - spend the day with Slightly Mad, in what we know will be a transformative experience. With brand strategist, Paul Levine as your guide, you will explore the enduring soul of your brand and identify its key personality traits and the anchors that are holding it back from achieving the greatness that you, as its leader, know it is capable of.

During this private workshop, You will work with Paul to understand what the often misused term BRAND really is, what the even more misused term STRATEGY is and how both, together, can take you miles beyond a logo (which is not your brand) or a website (which is a tool and not a marketing strategy). In this workshop you will finally understand the difference between a BRAND and a COMMODITY. Where instead of saying “I need a (insert your practice area) lawyer” prospective clients say “I need Johnnie Cochran.”

It's an exciting workshop where you will learn key brand strategies employed by some of the world's greatest brands and how to apply that same thinking to your practice.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants are engaged in thought provoking, hands on activities throughout.

Suspend Imagination.

Come alone, or bring your leadership team.

In this fast paced, hands on workshop - we challenge you to work with us, exploring your strategic branding issues, having productive conversations and collaborating to re-imagine your firm's personality and vision. Revitalizing your brand with a strategic approach can accelerate growth and help you maintain market relevance.

We will:

  • Take you through the essentials of effective brand building.
  • Help you explore the pillars of your brand.
  • Help you identify and map weaknesses and threats  (and then surprise you).
  • Guide you from indecision or analysis paralysis to a clearer, more actionable path.

How Does it Work?

This Workshop is facilitated by Slightly Mad founder and Chief Strategic Officer Paul Levine. You are taken through a series of exercises and learning opportunities to help you explore the questions:

What do we want?
Why do we exist?
Where do we want to be?
How can we get there?

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This Workshop is designed...

for solo practitioners, senior partners or those in leadership and/or brand management positions who want to understand the power that their brand can play in the health and success of their firm at a deeper level, exploring its personality and possibilities. You can schedule group or one on one workshops, either at your location, our office or an off-site meeting space.

Whichever you choose, our workshops are a lot of FUN, but more importantly they are a lot of LEARNING and a lot of AHA Moments! Slightly Mad delivers workshops customized for every level in your organization:

  • C-level executives
  • Senior Leadership
  • Key Management
  • Client Services Teams
  • Recruits and New Hires
  • Brand & Marketing Managers

Brand Exploration.


A peek at some exercises:

Brands are like People
We believe that brands are like people, we love or hate them for the same reasons we do people.  In this fun and eye-opening exercise, we will identify some of the key personality traits that make your brand stand out or not.
A goal-setting exercise that on the surface appears straightforward but when disparate objectives emerge we help you duke it out.
Eye's Wide Open
Does everyone in your leadership team understand your current mission and vision?  Let's have a look.
What's My Motivation?
Think of the core values that motivate our behavior. They shape our culture and affect everything we do and create as an organization.
Brand Manifesto
It is a declaration of a brand's true intentions, guiding principles and plan to consistently deliver it to the world.  It is our reason for being. It inspires us to take action and live the brand in everything that we do.
Are you a commodity?
Philip Kotler Kellogg wrote “The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand, then you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the lowest cost producer is the winner.” In this exercise, we explore the difference between a brand and a commodity and where your Brand falls in that spectrum?

We're ready. Are you?

Choose from either a half day session or go all in with a full day (it's a better value!).

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First Person


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