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In 1973, he founded the original Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville, near Boston and Cambridge. Steve’s Ice Cream quickly built a loyal following and before long  lines grew around the block.

When Herrell’s called us in 2009 they felt that the brand had lost some of its original focus and energy that originally put Herrell’s in the public psyche. Everyone had gotten just a bit complacent and their passion needed to be rekindled. Our strategic branding led us to an exciting essence area, “Joy by the Scoop,” which became a rallying cry for the company to rediscover their passion. It also informed the new creative direction for their three lines of business:  Herrell’s Ice Cream Stores, Herrell's Hot Fudge sauces (sold in grocery and gourmet markets) and Herrell's Development - responsible for their franchises.

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