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In this fast paced strategy session we will dive deep to identify the anchors that are pulling your brand off course and keeping you from moving forward.

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You will understand what the often misused term BRAND really is, what the even more misused term STRATEGY is and how both, together, can take you miles beyond a logo (which is not your brand) or a website (which is a tool and not a marketing strategy). In this workshop you will finally understand the difference between a BRAND and a COMMODITY. And you will learn key brand strategies employed by some of the world's greatest brands and how to apply the same thinking to your brand. In this highly interactive module, each participant is engaged in thought provoking, hands on activities throughout.
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This module is delivered in a 2 - 3 hour stand-alone workshop (at our place or yours) but you can also experience it as part of our full brand strategy workshop.

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