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In addition to the research that we have been doing, we believe its crucial that leadership go through the process of creating specific buyer personas.

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A little more about this module...

Leadership should be able to identify and agree to a set of profiles which will be included in the strategic planning documentation and considered in the naming activities. Who are they? What is their background, wants, needs, goals, challenges? How well is their perception of brand understood? What does a day-in-their-life look like? The following exercises seek not only to derive information from the team which will be applied to our creative development (name branding, etc...) but also edify the team as they begin the hard work of rolling out the new brand.

  • Persona Character Development Exercise (allow 10 minutes per attendee)
  • Persona Mapping Exercise (allow 10 minutes per attendee)
  • Persona Journey Exercise (allow 10 minutes per attendee)
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This module is delivered in a 2 - 3 hour stand-alone workshop (at our place or yours) but you can also experience it as part of our full brand strategy workshop.

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