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We had originally been engaged by St. Charles Hospital to develop a campaign to promote their Emergency Department. At that time we implemented our brand development methodology, which we call the Reality Check.

During the Reality Check, we performed a series of activities designed to clarify and reveal the Hospital’s position in the community, their full service offering, their short and long-term goals and the community mindset. We performed our initial research which uncovered the hospital’s best kept secrets and revealed some very interesting findings. Although St. Charles has some of the finest specialty departments with high industry recognition and exceptional outcomes, and they provide a wide spectrum of exceptional hospital services rivaling those found in Manhattan, they do it right here on Long Island. In fact, many doctors who practice at noted specialty hospitals such as the Hospital for Special Surgery were actually trained by doctors who are pioneering groundbreaking procedures here at St. Charles.

Unfortunately, because of their mission focused mindset, which puts the patient above profit, they had a very small budget for self-promotion. As a result many in the community thought that if they were in need of serious or specialty medical care, they would need to go to a university hospital a specialty hospital in Manhattan rather than to St. Charles. We needed to change this mindset quickly, and do it with that same small budget.

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